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10 Super Facts About Why Its Great To Read To Children.

Blog post 1 :  10 SUPER FACTS about why it’s GREAT to read to Children.

There is no more important activity for preparing your child to succeed in the future, and what a wonderful activity it is. Reading!

Your child’s life long love of reading begins way before they set foot in the classroom, so if we can get it right early on, the benefits for the child can be huge. Let’s find out why….

1) Reading improves concentration:

Focusing on a story regularly, in a quiet environment, without technology and distractions, is a good way to improve concentration skills. If children read often they will develop the skill to do this for longer.

2) Reading Improves Memory:

To be able to understand a story, your child needs to remember the characters, background, relationships, and other descriptive details. All this information knits together to form the story,and  the morale behind the story; and that requires a deeper understanding of the reader.

3) Reading enables you to discover the world around you:

It is through reading, children begin to learn about the world, people, places and events around them. Children can be exposed to different ideas, beliefs and cultures than they’re normally exposed to. It opens their mind to other realities and experiences.

4) Reading gives the brain exercise:

The more exercise the brain can get, the better the child will learn throughout their lives. Practice makes perfect, and reading more, from an early age will boost comprehension skills and vocabulary. It also strengthens brain connections and forms new ones!

5) Reading boosts critical thinking skills:

With reading comes comprehension and analytical thinking skills. You predict what’s going to happen at the end of the story, thus, challenging your brain to think of other possibilities.

6) Reading develops empathy:

Reading is a good way to get in touch with our emotions. When we read a story, we form empathy with the characters. The more we know about our emotions and feelings, the better we can relate to other people and empathise with them. Children will then begin to imagine how they would feel in a given situation.

7) Reading develops and expands language skills:

Being read to, and listening to others speak and read enables children to develop their critical language and enunciation skills. Listening to a grown up read, reinforces basic sounds that form language. This further enhances vocabulary and makes a child more articulate. Children learn new words as they read. subconsciously, they absorb information on how to structure sentences and how to use words and other language features effectively in their writing and speaking. Being able to articulate their basic needs and feelings can also make a child less frustrated.

8) Reading enhances imagination:

Whilst reading we develop a mental picture. We imagine how the characters look and sound, what their surroundings look like, and we form a connection to the people and events. While children are engaged in a story they are also imagining how a character is feeling. Young children then bring this knowledge to their everyday play.

9) Reading aids school performance and confidence:

Children who read, and are read to from a young age tend to do better at school in all subjects. Poor readers tend to have lower confidence, feel isolated, and discouraged to participate in class activities.

10) Reading is a source of entertainment:

Reading is fun! By developing a love for reading and being immersed in a story, children will laugh, be excited, and love to chat through the story with a grownup. Reading can be done anywhere. Snuggled in bed, in the car, or out on a picnic. Books are easy to take anywhere with you and it’s great to read together.

If a parent reads with a child on a regular basis they will then undoubtedly develop a stronger relationship with them. Reading provides parents with an opportunity to have a regular and shared event, that both the parent and child can look forward to. It provides children with feelings of attention, love, and reassurance, which is key for nurturing and wellbeing.

Children’s Book Box is proud to be part of the learning journey, and we will endeavour to provide you with good quality books, from well known authors and publishers, at an affordable price.

Happy Reading! Xx