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Our Wonderful Books

All our high quality books are selected by educational experts to ensure each child will enjoy and benefit from their content.

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Valley Of The Dinosaurs

Millions of years ago, long before humans existed. Earth belonged to the dinosaurs. Travel back in time and explore the prehistoric land of the dinosaurs! Discover lots of fascinating facts from the valley of the Dinosaurs.

Don’t Mess With Duck

No more quacking! No more chatting! And no more SPLASHING! Duck is on a mission to find a peaceful pond. He wants to be ALONE. What will Duck do when he finds the perfect pond… but someone’s already in it?

Little Giraffe’s BIG Idea

Gregory the little giraffe was fed up. He was the only giraffe on the savannah and nobody would play with him. But one day, he had a big idea… Children age 3 and up will love to see Little Giraffe as he tries to disguise himself as other wild African savannah animals so they will […]

Chicken Licken

When an acorn drops on Chicken Licken’s head, he thinks the sky is falling and dashes off to tell the King. But instead he finds Foxy Loxy…Is Chicken Licken about to become Chicken Lunch? My First Fairytales are a magical introduction to the well-loved stories that are a key part of every childhood. With fresh […]

Never Mess With A Pirate Princess

Princess Prue was sweet and fair, till PIRATES stole her teddy bear! Don’t they know?! You NEVER mess with Prudence – pirate AND princess!  A feisty, mould-breaking heroine for adventure-hungry toddlers.

Nothing Scares Spider

A laugh-out-loud story about being brave and the power of friendship. Spider is going on an ADVENTURE! There might be Fearsome Fish, Hungry Birds, and Hairy Beasts – but Spider’s not scared. Her friends are. They try to call her back from her adventure time and time again, and each time Spider becomes upset when […]

Come On Baby Duck

Baby Duck faces the world with a cheery smile, one foot in front of the other, especially on the day of his very first swim. His beloved teddy tucked under his arm, he goes to the pond with his mother and two sisters. Once there, though, the fledgling is frozen with fear. The water’s too […]

Icky Little Duckling

One day, Mr Rabbit finds a smooth, speckly, perfect thing in the woods, and takes it back to his neat, tidy burrow. But this perfect thing is not quite what he thinks. Suddenly – crack! – out hatches an icky, sticky duckling! Mr Rabbit does not want something icky and sticky in his lovely burrow, […]

I Love You Just The Way You Are

Snuggle with your little one to share this sweet celebration of the unconditional love between parent and child. A parent’s love is unconditional, constant, and always present. Parents and caregivers can remind their little ones how much they’re loved with this sweet rhyme. Love is all around–a morning spent playing outside with toys, blowing bubbles, […]

Go Tell It To The Toucan

Animals all over the jungle look for the toucan so he can tell the animals to come to a party for elephant’s birthday, and while they search for that bird, they spread the word themselves

The Very Lazy Ladybird

The very lazy ladybird likes to sleep all day and all night. And because she sleeps all day and all night, she doesn’t know how to fly. One day, she decides she wants to sleep somewhere else, so hops onto a kangaroo, but that’s too bouncy, the tiger is too noisy, but the elephant’s trunk […]

Little Bird Finds Her Voice

Little Bird is shy, she can’t sing like other birds. One day she has to be very, very brave and discovers she too can sing beautiful songs!  

Worried Arthur the Big Match

 Arthur is a penguin and a worrier. When he is picked to play in the final football match at school, Arthur is both worried and excited. What if he doesn’t get enough practice? What if he scores an own goal? With gentle encouragement, Dad urges Arthur to do is best. 

Willy The Wizard

Hans Christian Andersen Medal winner Anthony Browne brings his polished artwork to another humorous, heart warming tale about the charming chimp and his unexpected success. Calling all soccer fans! WILLY THE WIZARD finds the hapless chimp longing to play but unable to afford a uniform. When a mysterious stranger gives Willy a pair of old-fashioned […]

How Do You Feel

How do you feel? Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad. At times you feel curious, but that may be followed by feeling. . . surprised. And of course you feel bored or lonely once in a while as well.

Stories for 5 Year Olds

Ladybird Stories for 5 year olds is a lively collection of animal stories perfect for sharing with young children and ideal for bedtime reading. Each story is filled with colourful and amusing illustrations to entertain young readers. In Mervyn’s Glasses, Mervyn Owl is a little owl who can’t see very well. He really isn’t sure […]

The Great Cheese Robbery

Daddy Elephant is as big and strong as a tractor. But he’s terrified of mice! So when a mouse tries to steal the elephants’ cheese, Daddy is too scared to stop him! Can little Patrick Elephant save the cheese – and his father?

Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster

Stanley and his friends are exploring a mysterious cave. It’s such fun, but then they see lots of strange shadows. Oh no! It must be a cave monster.

A World Full of Wonderful Things

The world is so full of wonderful things. This book teaches children that they should take time to love and appreciate what each day brings.


Part of the Ladybird ‘Picture Books’ series – a perfect introduction to fairy tales for preschoolers – it contains amusing pictures and lots of funny rhythm and rhyme to delight young children.  Ideal for reading aloud and sharing with 2-4 year olds.

Stories for 4 Year Olds

Ladybird’s Stories for 4 Year Olds is a colourful book packed with three funny, imaginative stories.  Just right for the attention span of the age group, it can be dipped in and out of for a quick short story, and is perfect for sharing with pre-schoolers both at bedtime and nap time.

Emily Peppermints Toy School

Welcome to Toy School! Take out your pencils, it’s time to learn how to be the perfect toy. It’s the first day of term at Toy School and teacher Emily Peppermint has a new class all ready to learn how to be perfect toys. The first lesson is falling out of a pram, but the […]

Happy In Our Skin

Bouquets of babies sweet to hold: cocoa-brown, cinnamon, and honey gold. Ginger-coloured babies, peaches and cream, too – splendid skin for me, splendid skin for you! A delightfully rhythmical read-aloud text is paired with bright, bustling art from the award-winning Lauren Tobia, illustrator of Anna Hibiscus, in this joyful exploration of the new skin of babyhood. […]

The Best Christmas Ever

Christmas is only a day away, and Millicent Mouse has scrubbed and dusted and baked, until everything is perfect! But when Millicent’s friends need help, her plans go topsy-turvy! How will she have her perfect Christmas now?

The Greedy Goat

A funny, read-aloud farmyard tale that teaches colours and days of the week from award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek. A funny, read-aloud farmyard tale that teaches colours and days of the week from award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek. Goat has had enough of eating grass. She wants to try something different – the dog’s food, the pig’s […]


Cinderella loves to dance, so when a special invitation comes to the Prince’s Ball, she can’t wait! But will poor Cinders get to swap her broom for a ball-gown and dance the night away?

My Sister is an Alien

Alfie is crazy about space. His favourite things are: 1. aliens, 2. rockets, 3. the moon – in that exact order. He doesn’t really think much about anything else, until his new baby sister comes along. Then he notices that she looks a bit funny, she talks funny and sometimes she smells funny and he […]

Happy In Our Skin

The combination of lovingly humorous and detailed mixed-media illustrations and infectious rhymes will cause little ones and their families to pore over this book again and again. Happy in Our Skin is a realistic fiction book by Fran Manushkin and is all about a variety of kids who are taken care of by their familiy. This book […]

Alans Big Scary Teeth

Meet Alan, an alligator with a secret. Famed for his big, scary teeth, he sneaks into the jungle every day to scare the jungle animals… “I’m big, scary Alan! Fear my razor-sharp teeth!” But after a long day of scaring, Alan likes nothing better than to run a warm mud bath and take out his false teeth, which […]

Super Red Riding Hood

When her mother sends her on a “mission” that takes her into the deep, dark woods, Ruby puts on her red cloak and becomes Super Red Riding Hood, a superhero who is scared of nothing–except coming face-to-face with a big, bad wolf.

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh

This children’s picture book is about a young boy and his parents. His parents make the boy laugh; Mum is crazy about spots – spotty clothes, spotty wallpaper, spotty games like dominoes; Dad loves stripes – stripy suits and stripy ties, stripy humbug sweets. They think he is funny as well, in his grey pattern […]

Roar Went the Lion

Meet a little boy whose animal friends come to life at bedtime! Children will love joining in with the animal sound rhyming fun, colouring the animals, finding hidden toys and more.

Lost in the Toy Museum

Join the adventure when the lights go out in the toy museum! One night, when the lights go out at the toy museum, everyone runs off and hides. Left all on his own, Bunting, the sensible old toy cat, sets out to look for them. As he follows the trail of clues through the museum, […]


“That’s my bunny!” “NO, that’s my bunny!” Oh dear. How difficult it is to share when there’s only ONE beloved Funny Bunny. Luckily for twins, Fifi and Frankie, Granny is on hand to show them a way to play together nicely that keeps everyone, including Funny Bunny, happy.

All In One Piece

This is a modern picture-book classic – there’s never a dull moment with the Large family! Mr and Mrs Large are getting ready for the office dinner-dance. But with Lester, Laura, Luke and the baby around, they’ll be lucky to get out of the house all in one piece!

The Great Aaa-Ooo

As Mouse scampers homewards through the dark, rackety wood, he hears an awful AAA-OOO! What could be making that horrible howl? Could it be Owl, Moose, Bear or Goose? Or could it be . . . a monster?

Have You Ever Ever Ever

A glorious celebration of the wonder of books. Join the fun as Mother Goose and all your favourite nursery rhyme characters come to life in this rollicking read-aloud picture book! A beautifully illustrated feast of story fun which combines witty text from Colin McNaughton with beautiful illustrations by Emma Chichester Clark.

Stomp Chomp Big Roars! Here Come The Dinosaurs

Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here Come the Dinosaurs! – a hilarious book by Kaye Umansky and Nick Sharratt This is the way we stomp our feet, Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! This is the way we like to eat, Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Stomp! Chomp! Big Roars, Here come the dinosaurs! A brilliant third action rhymes book

The Three Horrid Pigs

Mother Pig has had enough of her three horrid little pigs. So she packs their bags and sends them on their way. The first two little pigs build their houses by stealing straw and pinching twigs. The third little pig is so lazy, he moves into a hen house! What horrid little pigs they are! […]

The Tree-An Environmental Fable

THE TREE: A FABLE by Neal Layton is a heart warming story about animals and people living together in nature. Although this picture book contains few words, it tells a powerful story of empathy and compassion. When a couple decides to build a house, they discover their land is already populated by animals.

Lucia Lacorte Poor Sport

Lucia Lacorte is a very poor sport. When she loses, she stamps, screams and cries in a dramatic fashion. But when she wins, it’s even worse! Can anyone convince her that being a good sport is what puts the FUN into fun and games?

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. Will you come too? For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through this award-winning favourite. Follow and join in the family’s excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud […]

Large Dinosaur Activity Book Box

If you know someone that loves to read, loves dinosaurs, and loves crafting, then this box is for them! Perfect for Early Years and Key stage 1 children, as this activity box includes an age appropriate book, hand selected by an educational expert, and learning resources closely linked to the curriculum. This lovely gift wrapped […]

Medium Dinosaur Activity Book Box

If you know someone that loves to read, loves dinosaurs, and loves crafting, then this box is for them! Perfect for Early Years and Key stage 1 children, as this activity box includes an age appropriate book, hand selected by an educational expert, and learning resources closely linked to the curriculum. This lovely gift wrapped […]

Bright Stanley

Stanley and his shoal are the brightest, sparkliest fish in the whole of the deep, dark sea. But one morning Stanley wakes up to find that his shoal have swum off without him. How is he going to find them? A comical underwater tale, with gorgeous shimmering gold scales on the fish.

Bob and Flo- Hide and Seek

When Bob arrives at nursery, half hidden under his umbrella, it gives his friends Flo and Sam an idea. They should all play a game of hide and seek! Bob is first to hide but his hiding skills need a little bit of practice and he needs some help in understanding how to play the […]

A Mouse So Small

Children will love this feisty mouse who is utterly determined to help – and to do everything herself. Follow Millie as she scampers through gorgeous autumnal scenes awash with gold and oranges. An adorable, warm story – perfect for snuggling up and sharing with your little one this autumn.

How to Win a Monster Race

Albie loves playing with his toy cars so when he finds himself in the middle of a monster grand prix, he knows exactly what to do!

Why I Love My Friends

Featuring children’s own words and heart-warming pictures, this board book is perfect for sharing with friends! ‘I love my friends because… ‘ This heartwarming book combines endearing things said by children about their friends, with gentle illustrations of familiar animals. And from playing together to holding hands, there is a lot to celebrate! A wonderful […]

Are We There Yet?

Join Little Bear and Daddy Bear for a walk on the wild side, as they set off on their amazing journey to the sea. It’s a long way for a little bear, but with his dad there to guide him and so many exciting things to see and explore on their travels, it’s sure to […]

Doug the Bug that went Boing

Doug and Trevor are best friends who love playing in the garden. But one day Doug gets dug up! Stuck at the top of a tower block can Doug find his way back to his friend or will he be trapped forever?

Can I Join Your Club?

He wants to belong to all of them. To any of them. Elephant Club, Lion Club, he just wants to belong. And he tries so hard to fit in so he can – kids will love pointing out in the illustrations just exactly how he tries – a curly wig, dark glasses – but it […]

The Short-Sighted Giraffe

Giraffe can’t see very well. But when her animal friends make her a pair of glasses, she decides she would look silly with them! Instead of wearing them, and to prove to her friends she doesn’t need glasses, Giraffe starts putting on protective clothing to stop her hurting herself every time she trips up or […]

Mighty Mo

At the Golden Dodo Zoo, Mo the raccoon is bored, bored, bored. There must be something amazing he can do! It certainly isn’t making ice-creams or blowing up balloons… But when Big Ron the robber starts causing trouble, it’s up to mighty Mo to save the day! This hilarious story about an unlikely hero will […]

Say Hello to the Jungle Animals

Through the jungle, off we go! Come along and say hello. Go wild with this baby elephant as he shouts hello to all his animal friends.

The Special Guest

Zebra can hardly contain his excitement when he receives a dinner party invite from Lion – the king of the jungle! Elephant on the other hand is more sceptical about Lion’s motives. She sets out to prevent Zebra from going to the party, but Zebra thinks Elephant is jealous because she hasn’t been invited!….  

Rhinos don’t eat pancakes

Daisy’s mum and dad are always too busy to listen to a word that she says, so when, one day, she tells them that a big purple rhino has just walked into the house and taken a chomp of her pancake, guess what? That’s right – nobody listens! But there’s a surprise in store for […]

Poppy Pym and the double jinx

It’s Halloween at Saint Smithen’s. When the Brimwell town hall burns down, the amateur production of Macbeth is moved to the school and it’s all hands on deck. But when the play is struck by a series of mysterious attacks, it’s up to Poppy, her friends and her circus family to save the play and unmask the culprit. 

Poppy Pym and the smugglers secret

Another great adventure in the Poppy Pym series! This one has it all – a spooky castle, ghostly smugglers and the world’s greatest ice cream. A school trip to the seaside couldn’t come at a better time – sea and sand could be just what I need to take my mind off my past. But […]

Marge and the great train rescue

Marge is back and this time she’s taking the Button family on a train journey. When Mum and Dad go out for a ‘romantic’ (i.e BORING) dinner, Marge takes the kids on an adventure of their own. Jakey’s always longed to drive a train – and with Marge around to turn ordinary life extraordinary, there’s […]

Marge and the secret tunnel

Life with Marge is NEVER boring! Even shopping for new shoes turns out to be an amazing adventure, especially when the lights go out and the children are stuck in the shop! And when Jakey decides he’d like to visit Australia, Marge has the best idea ever. She and the children will dig a tunnel […]

Marge in Charge

“Isla Fisher is hilarious” David Walliams “Charming, funny, delightful: Marge is the babysitter all children would wish for” David Baddiel Meet Marge, the mischievous babysitter with rainbow hair who loves to make a mess and bend the rules .

Smart Girls

The feisty heroines of these five folk tales all share one important quality: they are extremely SMART! The smart heroines of these folk tales come from different countries around the world and can outwit anyone – a crafty king, a mean old farmer, an angry squire and even a ghost!

Beowulf The Hero

Beowulf is determined to become a hero by slaying the evil beast, Grendel. The monster has been terrorising the chieftain, Rothgar, by killing his men every night – and leaving behind nothing but blood. Can Beowulf defeat Grendel, and bring peace to the land?

David and Goliath

The Greatest Adventures in the World: David and Goliath by Tony Bradman David is very upset when he is not allowed to join his older brothers to fight the Philistines. He might be the youngest, but he is no longer a little boy. When he finally gets his chance, he is determined to make it […]

Smashing Saxons

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Smashing Saxons, including who got cow pats as Christmas presents, why wearing a pig on your head is lucky and how to make a dead Saxon happy. 

Incredible Incas

The incredible Incas may have built South America’s greatest civilisation, but they could be very icky indeed! The poor prisoners they pulled up their huge pyramids were likely to experience a very painful death. But things weren’t much better for your average Inca. Find out… How a bucket of stewed pee could make you beautiful […]

Slimy Stuarts

The classic bestseller! No more boring nice-guy nonsense about history. It’s time to learn it the horrible way. Which means taking a look at the Stuarts. Yes, really! OK, maybe you’ve never heard of the Stuarts. They don’t sound very terrible, do they? But this book will tell you different! They ate toads, snails and […]

Measly Middle Ages

What on earth happened in the measly Middle Ages? Well… lots of really rotten things, actually! In the Middle Ages, the world was full of wild women, mad monks, naughty knights and crazy kings and queens! So read on if you want to know… a genuine jester’s joke why chickens had their bottoms shaved what […]

Blitzed Brits

 No more boring nice-guy nonsense about history. It’s time to learn it the horrible way. Like, going back in time to the Second World War – your chance to find out how to make a rude noise with a gas mask! Do your grandparents moan on about life during the war? Want to know if […]

Groovy Greeks

All the mosthorrible factsabout the Groovy Greeksready for readers to uncover, including: why girls ran about naked pretending to be bears, who had the world’s first flushing toilet and why dedicated doctors tasted their patients’ ear wax

Gorgeous Georgians

In a world where the boys wore make-up and highwaymen ruled the roads, Terry Deary has uncovered some of the horrible truths about the Gorgeous Georgians in this riotous addition to the Horrible Histories range. In this, another howling success for the series, famous villains like Rob Roy, Dick Turpin and Blackbeard, who all became […]

Frightful first world war

The First World War was a war fought on a global scale: a war so terrible and deadly that they called it ‘the war to end all wars’. From foot soldiers drowning in mud to fighter pilots being blown out of the sky, it was absolutely hideous from start to finish. So if you like […]

Villainous Victorians

No more nice-guy nonsense about history. It’s time to learn it the horrible way. Forget the yawnsome bits and check out the nasty bits. It’s historically funny! Want some proper cloak-and-dagger villains? You can’t beat the Victorians. So disgusting we had to make TWO books to fit all their yucky antics in. Writing awful poetry? […]

Awesome Egyptians

Foul pharaohs! Moaning mummies! Suffering slaves! If you like your history horrible, the Awesome Egyptians have it all wrapped up. Read this book to meet lots of freaky pharaohs (and their mummies), and find out which king had the most blackheads. You’ll also get to make revolting recipes for 3000-year-old sweets. Yum! 

Vile Victorians

Queen Victoria was the ultimate Victorian, and she was not amused. Luckily you’ll be splitting your sides as you discover how disgusting the Victorians really were. They may have looked all prim and proper, but they were a jolly naughty bunch. From public toilets to smelly slums, gruesome glass eyes and creepy corpse-snatchers, take a […]

Angry Aztecs

No more nice-guy nonsense about history. It’s time to learn it the horrible way. Forget the yawnsome bits and check out the nasty bits. It’s historically funny! Meet the Angry Aztecs: a Mexican tribe with a real knack for being totally gross. Gruesome gods. Seriously savage warriors. Terrible temples where freaky Aztec priests ripped out […]

Vicious vikings

The Vikings were fearsome seafaring warriors with big boats, big shields and enormous ginger beards. This much you probably know. But do you know… Why the vicious Vikings had names like Fat-thighs, Oaf and Stinking? How to build a vicious Viking longboat? Which vicious Viking god dressed up as a woman? Read on for hordes […]

Giraffe in the bath

Giraffe is all set for a soak in the tub after a hard day’s work – but no one will leave her in peace! This lively rhyming story, containing vivid illustrations and phonic repetition, is specially written for children who are learning to read. A delight to share with young children, and there are parents […]

Kangaroo at the zoo

A funny picture book featuring a madcap story about a new kangaroo arriving at the zoo, which uses phonic repetition to help children learn to read. The simple rhyming text helps to develop essential language and early reading skills, and there are guidance notes for parents at the back of the book. Beautifully illustrated by […]

Poodle draws doodles

Poodle loves to doodle everywhere – walls, doors, floors, no surface is safe! The naughty poodle is soon in trouble. But could her al fresco drawing skills actually come in useful? This entertaining story for beginner readers has simple rhyming text, stylish illustrations and parents’ notes on phonics at the back of the book.

Axolotl finds a bottle

Axolotl longs for adventure. One day, she finds an old bottle with something amazing inside. What could it be? This entertaining story for beginner readers has simple rhyming text, stylish illustrations and parents’ notes on phonics at the back of the book.

Seal at the wheel

Seal has bought herself a new motor boat, Hippo is trying out his new water skis and Seal is causing chaos! A fun rhyming story, specially written to develop phonic awareness. This book is ideal both for reading aloud and for children who are beginning to read for themselves.

Amazing Machines – Brilliant Boats

Sailing boats, rowing boats, ferries and motor boats: find them all and how they work in this picture book. Then take a cruise on an ocean liner, crewed by animals, in a jolly, rhyming journey.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Antibiotics!

If antibiotics had not been discovered, would you be alive today? Nowadays we can treat all sorts of nasty injuries and illnesses, but it certainly wasn’t so straightforward hundreds of years ago. In this title from the fantastic new You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without series, you’ll learn all about the bizarre and gruesome ways […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Writing!

It is so integral to our everyday lives that you probably never stop to think. It’s all around us, in the text we get from a friend, the homework we have to do after school, and our favourite book that we read at night. Like it or loathe it, writing is essential to how we […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Trees!

Trees are among nature’s most remarkable achievements, growing from a seed you can hold in your hand into a green giant several stories high. They are rugged survivors. They can live in baking hot deserts or icy arctic regions, competing with other plants for water and nutrients, while fending off cold, heat, drought, flood, poisons, […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Snot!

What if we didn’t have snot and mucus? The inside of our bodies would be very dry, and we would find it very hard to digest our food. We would also quickly become sick, because mucus protects us from dirt in the air that we breathe. But what exactly is this sticky, slimy stuff and […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Sleep!

Most people spend a third of their life sleeping around 25 years or more! Like it or not, we all have to sleep. Yet sleep is also very mysterious. No one really knows why we do it. And how do we explain all those strange dreams? What scientists do understand, however, is that sleeping is […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Simple Machines!

Simple machines are around us all the time and we use them every day. You might not even think of them as machines. Many are built into complex (compound) machines-but the simple machine is still in there, doing its job. Learn about how simple machines enable practically everything around us to work, allowing us to […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Satellites!

A satellite is a small object traveling around something bigger. The Moon is a natural satellite of Earth. A spacecraft launched into orbit around Earth is an artificial satellite. Since Sputnik-1, about 6,000 more satellites have been launched by 40 countries. Nearly 4,000 are still in orbit, and about 1,000 of them are still working. […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Robots!

Robots are machines that can be programmed to carry out a series of complex actions automatically or under the control of an operator. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mechanical arms and driverless vehicles to walking, talking, artificial people.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Poop!

We all do it. We usually don’t like to talk about it, but going to the toilet is a natural and necessary part of our lives. We couldn’t live without poop because there are some parts of our food that contain no nutrients that can be used by our bodies for energy, growth or health, […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Nurses!

For thousands of years, nurses have tended to the sick and the wounded. They look after us in hospital, making sure that we have everything we need to make a quick and complete recovery. When we’re ill for a long time, they visit us at home to carry on our treatment. They keep wards organized, […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Numbers!

You might not like numbers when you have to do your maths homework, but it would be hard to live without them. Imagine how difficult life would be if you couldn’t count things or be precise about time, distance or price. You wouldn’t know how old you are, or how long you have to wait […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Money!

What if money never existed? None of us has as much money as we would like, but imagine if money didn’t exist at all. How would we buy the things we need, or sell the things we don’t need? Who would decide whether a basket of fruit is worth the same as a hunting spear? […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Gravity!

Learn about gravity and all the useful things it does – such as keeping us on the Earth and holding the entire universe together!

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Gaming!

Humans have always loved to play games, from dice games in ancient Iran 5,000 years ago to chess and cards in the Middle Ages. While Victorians loved board games, the first video games appeared over 50 years ago. Today, fanaticism over console games is at an all-time high, with players arguing passionately why one console […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Extreme Weather!

What if there were no hurricanes or tornoadoes? It’s a nuisance when it rains on a picnic. It’s a tragedy when a tornado destroys a neighborhood. But our planet would be a very different place if it did not have extremes of weather. Some plants can grow only in hot, dry conditions; others require cold […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Electricity!

Could you get by if the lights went out? What would you do if your TV, computer, and phone all stopped working? How would you get about if trains, buses, and cars didnt run any more? You might not think about it, but without electricity, our lives would be colder, darker, and much harder work. […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Dentists!

What if you never had to visit the dentist? Let’s face it: no one really looks forward to going to see the dentist. But have you considered the alternative? In past centuries, the only cure for a decayed tooth was to pull it out-without anesthetic, and with only the beating of a drum to distract […]

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Coding!

Without coding, all the computers in the world would just be useless boxes of plastic and metal. You could feed information into them, but they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Clean Water!

How would you cope in a world without water? Clean water is far, far more important than you might think!

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Bees!

What would happen if there were no bees in this world? It would be a disaster!

The Science of-Natural Disasters

From earthquakes to volcanoes, it is an eye-opening introduction to the devastating and often terrifying power of the natural world and how science can be used to predict disasters and help prevent loss of life.

The Science of-Rocks and Minerals

This fascinating guide to rocks and minerals combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From tectonic plates to soil, it is an eye-opening introduction to how the matter under our feet shapes the world around us.

The Science of-Buildings

How can some buildings survive natural disasters? How are skyscrapers constructed? Discover the answers to these questions and many more in this fascinating guide to buildings.

The Science of-Flight

The Science of-Medical Technology

This fascinating guide to the ever-growing potential of medical technologies combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From an exploration of how new devices are helping to spot early signs of illness to a discussion of how vaccinations have helped to eradicate devastating diseases, it is an eye-opening introduction to the miraculous power […]

The Science of-Seafaring

This fascinating guide to how humans mastered the ability to travel the oceans combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From the earliest wooden crafts to today’s massive tankers and super-fast speed boats, it is an eye-opening introduction to the mechanics and marvels of seafaring.

The Science of-Spacecraft

This fascinating guide to how humans mastered space travel combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From the first satellite, Sputnik 1, to the Apollo program and the interstellar probes operated by scientists today, it is an eye-opening introduction to the mechanics and marvels of spacecraft.

The Science of-Vehicles

This fascinating guide to how humans developed automobile technology combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From the earliest horseless carriages to cutting-edge sports cars and gigantic trucks, it is an eye-opening introduction to the mechanics and marvels of vehicles.

The Science of-Warfare

This fascinating guide to how humans have developed increasingly sophisticated military technology combines fact-packed, easy-to-read text with colourful and quirky illustrations. From medieval trebuchets and siege towers to the tanks and high-powered aircraft of today, it is an eye-opening introduction to the mechanics of warfare.

Wild Moose Chase

Twins Bert and Camilla are in competition with each other about everything. So they jump at the chance when they hear about the ultimate competition that will guarantee just one person eternal glory. The Queen wants moose cheese. Moose cheese is scrumptiously delicious, worth an absolute fortune and near-impossible to make. It’ll require a dangerous […]

The Lady Grace Mysteries- Betrayal

Life as a sailor must be so exciting! But as Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabeth, I would never be allowed to try out my sea legs (I am supposed to be a prim and proper lady, you see). At least, that’s what I thought – until my fellow Maid of Honour, Lady Sarah, disappeared. […]

On Planet Fruitcake

Philip has an incredible imagination, and when he lets it run riot in school one day it really gets his classmates thinking. Purple cows . . . brains in pots . . . a clever and beautiful chicken . . . What will they think of next?!

Marge and the Pirate Baby

Yo ho ho, me hearties. Marge is back! This time there’s a baby on the loose. Meet Zara, the naughty little cousin, who never sleeps and loves to steal treasure. Marge thinks she’s a pirate and maybe she’s right. But will the imaginative babysitter be on her best behaviour? And can Jemima save the day […]

Wild thing gets a dog

She’s a demon child. She’s not meek and mild. She’s wild! Wild Thing and Kate want a dog. So when Dad’s friend, Wes, goes on tour in America with his band, Wild Thing volunteers to look after his trusty Hound Dog. But if there’s anything that can make Wild Thing even more noisy, messy, mischievous […]

Robinson Crusoe, Shipwrecked!

Young Robinson Crusoe has the chance to leave behind his boring life by joining a trading ship in the Caribbean. But when he is shipwrecked and left stranded alone on an island, how will he survive?

Jason and the Voyage to the Edge of the World

To win back his father’s kingdom, Jason must find the fabled Golden Fleece. Many have attempted the perilous journey in search of it and never returned. But Jason and his band of Argonauts set sail determined to succeed!

Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow

From the famous English legend. Robin Hood and his outlaws rob the Sheriff once too often, and the Sheriff sets a trap: an archery contest with a splendid prize. On the day of the contest, there’s no sign of Robin Hood, and the winner is a mysterious dark stranger from the wars overseas. Who could […]

William Tell and the Apple of Freedom

William Tell is the best shot in Switzerland. One day the local governor demands that he prove his skill with a crossbow or be punished. William must hit an apple at a hundred paces, and the apple will be resting on his young son’s head.

Aladdin and the Fabulous Genie

Aladdin is surprised when his long-lost uncle Hasan appears at his door one day. He needs Aladdin to help him find a magic lamp, hidden deep in a dark cave. But Aladdin is afraid that once he is in there, Hasan will never let him out again!

Gulliver in Lilliput

Gulliver loves to travel. But when he is swept overboard from a ship, and finds himself tied up in a land populated by tiny people, he realises some adventures aren’t quite as much fun as they should be. Can Gulliver escape the clutches of the tiny Lilliputians?

Ali Baba and the Stolen Treasure

Brothers Ali Baba and Kassim are opposites. Ali Baba is kind and poor and Kassim is rich and mean. When Ali Baba spies forty thieves hiding treasure in a cave, he only takes a little for himself. But Kassim is greedy, and soon the thieves are on their trail!

Race to the moon and back

Albert and Arthur are inventors, but they are as different as can be. When Albert challenges Arthur to a race to the moon, who will get there first? Blast into space with this AWESOME story that’s out of this world.

Goldilocks and the three bears

Follow the naughty Goldilocks into the house of the three bears, and see what happens when they come home and find her!

Three Little Pigs

Join the three little pigs as they set off to see the world, build their houses and encounter the big, bad wolf.

Snow White

When Snow White is left alone in the forest, she meets seven dwarfs… With the help of her new friends, will Snow White remain the fairest in the land?

The town mouse and the country mouse

This charming tale, first told by Aesop, has enchanted children for generations. Discover what happens when a town mouse comes to visit his country cousin.

The Potty Book

It’s time to potty! No long-winded potty training in this book. Just brightly coloured potties in use that will delight, inspire, and gently coax the newest of potty-goers.

Emergency-Fire Trucks and other Awesome Engines

It’s all go in this action-packed book. Discover a different emergency vehicle on each page, from fire engines and police cars to lifeboats, breakdown trucks, rescue helicopters and more. With colourful illustrations and fun, rhyming text, this awesome book is perfect for vehicle-mad little ones. Children will love spotting all the details on each page […]

Dig Dig Digging

All the favourites are here in this bright, bold picture book for machine-mad little ones – from diggers and tractors, to cranes, bulldozers and more! With fun, rhyming text and vibrant artwork, this is perfect for sharing and reading aloud. Children will love spotting all the details on each page and joining in with all […]

Choo Choo Clickety Clack

It’s all go in this action-packed picture book. Discover a different vehicle on each page, from trains and buses, to racing cars, bikes, and even a hot air balloon! Children will love spotting all the details on each page, and joining in with all the different sounds; as trains ‘clickety clack’, buses ‘bruum’ and planes […]


Bold lions love roar, roar, roaring, while cubs play – racing, chasing… Young children will love meeting all the wild and wonderful animals in this fun-packed picture-book safari, with galloping zebras, prowling tigers, water-squirting elephants, jumping kangaroos and more!

Baby Steps-In the Ocean

Dive in and meet the ocean friends! Sweet illustrations and a simple rhyme make this the perfect book for bath time.

Baby’s very First Let’s Get Dressed

Full of familiar things for babies to look at as they learn all about the world around them.

Baby’s very First Mealtime

Full of familiar things for babies to look at as they learn all about the world around them.