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Construction Busy Box


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Construction Busy Box Contents:

coconut and Orange Duo Dough Pot

Digger Toy, Sign posts, Jewel Bag, Straws, Pipe cleaners, Bricks, Wood Pieces, and lots lots more! All contained in their own storage box. Perfect for home, travel, party favour, or as a gift.

Our deliciously scented, and beautifully colourful, handmade playdough is perfect for little exploring hands.

It provides a wonderful sensory, tactile learning experience, whilst developing fine motor skills, inspiring children’s creativity, and getting their imagination flowing.

Your children will love to smell, poke, squeeze, squash and build with their luxury dough. Just don’t taste it!….Although our playdough is completely non toxic and made with food grade ingredients, and no nasties; its high salt content means it will taste a bit yucky, and is not recommended to be eaten. Some dough is also decorated with glitter which is not food safe.

Playdough should be stored in an air tight container, away from direct sunlight, to increase its lifespan. Salt crystals may appear if your dough is left un-played with for a period of time. This is perfectly normal, and just needs a good squeeze to make them disappear again. If you think your dough is getting a little dry, add a little water and squeeze again to keep your dough fresh.  Salt provides anti bacterial qualities to your dough, however if it becomes sticky, or dirty, it means its past its best and should be disposed of.

All our dough is handmade and as such the colour and texture may vary slightly between each batch, and may look different in pictures from real life, due to lighting.

These sets contain loose parts and can be a chocking hazard. They are recommended for for children 3+ years, and adult supervision is required. Content is purchased from suppliers who are required to undertake their own safety testing, however due to the nature of the busy box, some items are not being used in the role they were produced for. We also use naturally sourced items. Children’s Book Box and/ or Children’s Busy Box are not responsible for any injury caused whilst using this product.

The dough contains WHEAT, salt, Food Colouring, Cream of Tartar, Vegetable oil, Water, Glycerine, Essential Oils/Food Essence. The dough does not contain Nuts, Dairy, Eggs or Soy, but is handmade in an environment that may contain these items, therefor cross contamination may occur.

Contents may vary slightly depending on availability.


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